Professional Leather Care

The Leather Solution is a nationwide service provider, specializing in professional leather repair and restoration services for retail, commercial and residential customers in the United States. Through regional service centers, we provide industry-standard solutions for all post-production markets, from retail to design, for any type of leather placement.

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Aircraft Leather Interiors

Repair and Restoration of leather seating and panels to a new like appearance is what we do best. Return your leather to its original new look with little down time. The Leather Solution finish has been fully tested and certified by independant testing facilities to be suitable for aircraft. Most work is completed within 24-48 hours.If your seating is looking well used , with soil,stains and scrapes, let us show show you how we can give you new looking leather for a fraction of replacement cost and almost no downtime.

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Care and Repair of Clothing & Accessories- Professional & DIY

Professional Repair & Restoration of damaged,faded, worn & stained leather garments. Send us your garment and we will do the work neccesary to bring it to a new like appearance.

Do It Yourself Kits to repair protect from stains and rain and to give your garment a brand new color coat. Professional results with easy to follow instructions in kit form.

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